Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Things for Spring!

1. Christys’ Nimbin fedora
I love having a straw hat to keep the sun off my face.  I had a large brimmed floppy straw hat but that one only really worked for the beach.  This one is great for walking around and wearing to the park.  If I go inside I can fold it up into my bag as it is easily crushable.  

2. To See a Flower Perfume from CB I Hate Perfume 
I got this perfume a couple years ago and I love wearing it in the spring.  I love the earthy, wet grass sent; it feels very light and fresh.  Scent memory is supposed to be very strong and whenever I spray this perfume I feel like I am lying in a grassy field.  

3. Silk Scarves
This silk scarves are the perfect weight for spring.  I love this marble scarf by Ilana Kohn.  It is really long with is great for wrapping around if you need some extra warmth and the marbling is really beautiful.  I just made a few silk scarves of my own design as well.  

4. Toms
This is my first pair of Toms shoes and I am loving them.  They are light on my feet, easy to slip on and off and comfortable to walk in.  I love the idea that for every pair you buy you are really buying two pairs; one for you and one for a child that needs shoes.  It makes me feel good about wearing them.  

5.  Bunny Necklace
I have been wearing my bunny necklace everyday recently.  It feels very much like spring.  

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