Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Things For Summer!

1. Camper Sandals
My feet were getting too hot walking around in ballet flats.  These sandals were the answer.  I am a big fan of Camper shoes.  They are really comfortable which is very important to me as I need to be able to walk a lot, far and fast in my shoes.

2. Honey Comb Charm Necklace
You may have noticed I have recently become obsessed with honey comb.  I love the repeating geometric shape and I have been having so much fun building a jewelry collection around it.  This necklace uses the honey comb pattern in a simple charm.  It is great for everyday wear.

3. Bright Pink Nail Polish
I love bright nail polish for summer.  It is just fun!  I like the Essie color Guilty Pleasures for a nice bright pink.

4. Frozen Yogurt
I have been eating a ton of fresh and frozen yogurt lately.  Luckily I live right by Culture which has the best yogurt I have had.  I have been particularly into their seasonal strawberry rhubarb topping.  The yogurt is so good, cold and filling and the fresh yogurt is great for breakfast and the frozen makes an excellent dessert.

5. Uniqlo Easy Cropped Legging Pants
These cropped pants are comfortable, affordable and flattering.  I have been running around everywhere in them.

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