Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Things For Fall!

1. Everlane T-Shirts - I am always on the look out for clothing that is made in the USA.  These are great cotton t-shirts made in Los Angeles.  I have the V neck in white and black and I love them.

2. Ombre Tights - Tights are a fall must and I like the gradual color change on these.  Nothing too crazy but a little bit different.

3. Netflix Streaming - We got the Roku box and Netflix streaming and I love it.  I will specifically recommend Freaks and Geeks.  Watch it, love it.

4. Silk Cat Scarf - I just love this scarf.  I have been wearing it everyday and it makes me smile.  Makes leaving for work in the morning just a tiny bit better. 

5. Cookie Butter - I would actually recommend not buying this. This way you will never know how wonderful it is and not have to keep yourself from eating the whole jar.  It is good on anything, it is excellent on pretzels. Get it at Trader Joe's. 

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