Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ornament Making

I am a big fan of handmade, obviously.  I love making things and I love being surrounded by handmade things. In addition to my 2012 Nutcracker ornament we have been making some felt ornaments to decorate our tree.  We have a bunch of origami ornaments from previous years and two years ago I made a bunch of narwhal ornaments that I gave out at Christmas time.

Felt ornaments are pretty easy to put together.  In our usually overachieving craft style Ben and I made some intricate designs with a lot of hand stitching but you could just as easily keep it simple with an easy pattern and some glue.
This Ursa Major (Big Bear) design originally started as a jewelry idea which I never made.  I like how it came out as an ornament.

I like adding to the handmade ornaments every year and having a tree covered in things from all our years together.  

Mr. Norrell wanted to help too.

I think the dala horse may be my favorite.

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