Thursday, September 5, 2013


I had been wanting to try marbling for a while. I finally got all the supplies together to try it out. Since it was a first attempt I just used paper that I already had around the house. I tried computer paper first to get the hang of the process and then tried watercolor paper, blank card stock and origami paper. 

I am going to use the marbled origami paper to wrap up some future orders in my shop. 

To make the marbleized effect you float ink on top of the water and when you are happy with the design you lay your paper on top of the water and the ink transfers to the paper. 

The process is really easy and very fun. I think it is impossible to get a bad result. There are many techniques you can use to make designs in the ink. I experimented with dripping the inks with paint brushes one after another, swirling the inks together and raking them with a fork.

I am looking forward to playing around more with marbling. I got some special copperplate paper I am excited to try out and I am going to experiment with fabric as well. 

 Everything in my house may end up marbled. 

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