Monday, October 28, 2013

Constellation Scarf

After tons of time and tons of work the Constellation Scarf is now in the shop.  I am so happy with how if turned out.  I love the extra large size that is great for wrapping around my neck and especially appreciate it now that the temperatures have dropped here in NYC.  I have worn this scarf everyday since it was finished and plan on wearing it all fall and winter. 

The Constellation Scarf was inspired by classic depictions of the night sky and its constellations. The scarf illustrates the major constellations of the the Fall sky in the northern hemisphere in white against a bright blue background and bordered by a deep grey.
This scarf is a large square and measures 44 inches by 44 inches. This scarf was illustrated and designed by me in my Brooklyn studio and digitally printed onto silk in California.

Take a look at the other scarves in the shop as well.

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