Friday, March 9, 2012

Making a book to contain my computer which is full of books

Ben made this amazing cover out of a book for his Kindle and I asked him to do a guest post to share how he made it. 

My wonderful wife got me a Kindle for Christmas a year and a bit ago, and I love it. I use it every day and it is full of books. I wanted to make a case for it and saw some cool projects online, so I took a bit from here and a bit from there, added some ideas of my own, and ended up with this.

First, materials. I found a book for $1 on the outside racks at the Strand. I loved it. An old ex-library, hardcover YA sci-fi adventure from the 1950s with a beautiful cover, and just the right size. (I have since researched the book and discovered it was written under a pseudonym by Isaac Asimov, an unexpected bonus bit of cool context.) For the inside I looked around a bit and eventually found some great fabric at Purl. It has trees and turtles and hedgehogs and squirrels. I like these things.

Next, I eviscerated the book. That was hard to make myself do, and took a lot of psyching up, but once I began it took all of 15 seconds.

I then cut some cardboard to fit just inside the front and back covers as well as the spine. I cut the fabric to cover the cardboard in two pieces, one containing the front cover and spine, the other for the back cover. For the front cover, I wanted to include a pocket to hold a small notebook, so I cut a square of fabric and sewed that to the fabric for the front piece. I then sewed the front and back pieces of fabric to their respective pieces of cardboard.

I used hot glue to attach the front piece to the inside of the book. I cut four segments of elastic fabric to use to hold the book in place, and glued them around the corners of the back piece of fabric-covered cardboard. Finally I glued this piece onto the back cover of the book, overlapping the fabric from the front.

I was very happy with the finished product, except that the elastic was not quite tight enough to hold the kindle firmly in place. This turned out fine, however, as I need a place for a pen. I found a pen at Muji that fit perfectly in this space and provided the necessary snugness to keep the kindle from escaping without my consent. The end!


  1. This is so incredibly sweet and cool! What a fabulous idea...I want one! I'm planning to get a Kindle when we move to Germany to be able to get English language books, so maybe I can convince Ben to make me one?! If I say it's for Eloise?!

  2. Indeed. Eloise is eligible to receive one, if I can also send books to fill up the Kindle for her. I read one today that I want to read to her... I may make recordings, but I don't know if I can wait until she is old enough to appreciate them for feedback.

  3. WOAH!!! That's so so cool! I'm so impressed. I want to make something crafty now. But instead I will go write a brief since I just spent the past two hours of my life writing a brief for the wrong case. You guys have awesome lives. Which makes sense because you are awesome people.

  4. I know, Ben did such a good job with this cover. You are so crafty too, we should do some crafts together.