Tuesday, October 23, 2012

25 Cats name Norrell and One Pigeon

I had scarves on the brain when I saw the Andy Warhol piece 25 cats Name Sam. The piece consists of 16 cats named Sam (it is unclear whether these where all the same cat or different cats all named Sam) and one cat named Hester. Any Warhol's mother was a cat lover and had lots of cats. I loved this idea as a concept for a scarf. In my own style, I drew my cat, named Mr. Norrell in 16 different positions and I drew one Pigeon, my friend Genevieve's cat. I scanned in all the drawings and arranged them using Photoshop. I played around with the background colors for a while before deciding on a grey/blue scheme. I took the orange pop of color from the coloring on Pigeon's fur around the edge of the scarf to keep the eye moving around. The design was then digitally printed on silk charmuse. 

I love this scarf! It makes me happy every time I put it on. It helps me through gloomy mornings on the way to work because I can't help but smile looking down at these 17 cats around my neck. I hope you will love to wear it and these cats will make you smile too.

This scarf is a large square of silk charmuse and measures 36 inches by 36 inches with a machine rolled baby hem.. The charmuse fabric drapes very nicely. This scarf is perfect for cool fall days and is versatile enough to be worn every day, or to a special event.

The scarf will come wrapped up in tissue paper ready to be given as a gift or opened as a special treat for yourself.

This scarf is currently available for preorder in the shop.  I am in the process of ordering more of these but I was just too excited about it to wait to put it up.  

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