Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Einstein on the Beach

I am not sure I understood it, but I liked it.

On Saturday we went to see Einstein on the Beach at BAM. The opera was written in 1976 by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson.

It was beautiful.
It was long.
It was interesting.
It was tedious.
It was funny.
It was serious.
It was light.
It was singing.
It was dance.
It was music.

I am really glad we went.

some notes:

I was a bit nervous going into the Opera knowing that it was four and a half hours without any intermissions, but there were interludes in between the acts where people could pop out and I ran out quickly during one of those.

By the end I felt like I had spent a long day at the museum.  I had really enjoyed my time and seen a lot of interesting and beautiful things.  And even though there was more to see, I just couldn't do any more looking right then.  I was tired and needed to go home.

The first and third photos are from the New York Times, the second photo is mine from the program.  I really liked the visualization of the acts in the program.

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