Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discovering Columbus

We went up 6 stories into a swanky New York City living room overlooking central park with a statue of Columbus standing on the coffee table.

Artist Tatzu Nishi builds temporary installations around statues and monuments around the world.

It was really cool to get so close to a statue which is usually seen from far below.  The way Nishi seamlessly created the surroundings for the statue was really interesting and very well done.  There was elaborate wallpaper, which I loved. There were various couches and chairs, billowing curtains, a flat screen TV, magazines, newspapers, and a perfectly New York selection of books.  Columbus fit in very well with the decor.

The instillation definitely makes you look at the statue in a different way.

I highly recommend checking it out.  There are free timed tickets available from the Public Art Fund.

Also, take a look at Tatzu Nishi's other projects.  I particularly love the incorporation of clock towers into living rooms and the room created in a museum to place a Picasso painting into a person's kitchen.  Really great stuff.

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