Thursday, September 27, 2012


 I love the stories and myths that correspond to the constellations in the sky.  Ben wrote a mini story to go along with each of the zodiac necklaces and I'll be posting them on a monthly basis with the current zodiac sign.


What better place to hang the scales of justice than in the sky, visible to all, but out of reach to those who would seek to ‘fix’ them? Leave such things to the “minor” goddesses who concern themselves with balance, with goodness and right.

The Libra Constellation Necklace was first drawn with pencil and paper and then carved out of wax and cast into sterling silver and brass.  Both necklaces are available in the shop.  

In astrology Libras are born between September 22 and October 23 and are said to prioritize balance and enjoy partnerships. The Libra constellation forms the image of a scale. 

The Libra zodiac story is written by Ben Perry.  

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